NovoBPT 2.0

Converts BPT counts to Standard Penetration Test data

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Convert Becker blow counts to SPT blow counts. Includes multiple calculation modes like Friction Calculation Method with different materials and settings. Customize the test as you please with the big amount of items in the database. Highlight rows to modify data and change the elements.

Becker Penetration Test (BPT) is a field test used for estimation of relative density of coarse-grained material containing cobbles and boulders. NovoBPT is designed for correcting raw BPT blow counts (Nb) and correlating them to SPT blow counts (N60).

- Supports both SI and US Units Systems
- Bounce Chamber Pressure Correction
- Correlation to N60 based on:
Harder and Seed, 1986
Sy and Campanella, 1993b
- Considering the Effect of Casing Friction (Rs)
- Automatic Interpolation of Casing Friction Based on Field Measurement Data
- Estimation of Friction from Alex Sy, 1997 Correlations and Sandy and Gravelly Sites

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